Provision of registered office address/virtual office in Czech Republic

Well placed company address will increase the status of a company.
We will help you with choosing the best place for your company. Read more.

Společnosti a sídla

Why use our registered office address?

  • Your company's address will be placed in an administrative complex. We don´t provide registered offices in flats.
  • Registration of your office address to meet statutory requirements.
  • Company´s mail and letters will be forwarded:
    • Mail delivery reports once a week.
    • Forwarding letters to an address that you give us once a month.
  • Possibility to individually adjust the mail processing for extra charge.
  • Possibility of random office rental.
  • Perfect transport availability of registered office address with a parking space.
  • Better price if using our accounting or payroll services.
  • The prices are final.

What is the biggest advantage of a registered office address from us?

With a registered office address providing by us you will get a better image. Placing a registered office address into a flat or a house is not usually very convenient. There is also the possibility of a long term office rental in the building.

Are there any risks for me?

There are basically no risks for you. There is a lower possibility of the control from the state institutions if you decide to place your office address in a bigger city.

How much do I need to pay for a registered business address?

Prices are set in a lump sum and are final. When using our services, you´re getting much more advantageous price. Read our price list for more info.