Ready-made companies for sale

There is no need to wait for a limited liability company anymore.
Choose one of our ready-made companies prepared for sale. Read more.

Společnosti a sídla

What advantages will you get with buying a ready-made company from us?

  • A company with a completely clean record - it has never been doing any activities and has no commitments.
  • Quick action (you can be the one making choices about a company in 24 hours).
  • The option to start a business immediately.
  • The prices for ready-made companies are final.
  • We arrange a company seat, if you don´t have any.
  • We provide ready-made companies over the whole Czech Republic.

How can I get a ready-made LLC?

The first and also the only step for you, is choosing the right ready-made company from our list and order it. We will take care of the other steps.

When can I finally start a business?

You can start a business with your ready-made LLC in 24 hours from purchase the company. You can also use our other services that we offer (accounting, payroll, advisory, legal services).

How much does it cost?

It depends on the amount of statutory capital of the company. If statutory capital is not more than 200.000Kč, your company will be ready for 21.900Kč if using our accounting services. The price is 24.900Kč without using our accounting services.