Payroll outsourcing

Payroll processing according to the current legislation quick and easily.
With us you will get an overview of your payroll processing and the amount of contributions. Read more.


What payroll outsourcing can bring you from us?

  • Quick, timely and entire payroll processing and salary administration.
  • Possibility to combine payroll outsourcing with the benefits of accounting department.
  • Payroll processing according to the current legislation.
  • We provide professional services over the whole Czech Republic.
  • Salary and personnel consultancy.
  • Lower costs in comparison with having an internal accountant.
  • We are absolutely discreet about sensitive data of employees.
  • Representation of our clients before regional authority.

What is the advantage of payroll outsourcing instead of having
an internal payroll department?

Payroll outsourcing saves your costs at the first place. We assume responsibility for payroll processing (not only to 4.5 multiple of the average internal salary) and guarantee an absolute discretion (employees won´t be able to know about salaries of their coworkers).

What do I need to give you
and how long it takes?

In the end of the calendar month we will require all the documents for the calculation of salaries (attendance etc.). There are more options of data transfer – by phone, e-mail or in person. We are able to process payroll very quickly.

What is the price
for payroll outsourcing?

The price is set by the total number of employees. If there is a big number of employees, the price is lower. For details see the price list.