Establishing a company

Establishing a company doesn´t need to be always a lengthy process.
With us you will get a control and an overview of the whole process. Read more.

Společnosti a sídla

What will you get if you decide to establish a company with us?

  • A quick response (meeting in 24 hours, we function over the whole Czech Republic).
  • All we need is just one appointment.
  • You will receive fully ready-made company from us.
  • We will provide all the other services (advisory, payroll, legal services).
  • We provide the entire services over the whole Czech Republic.
  • We don´t force you to place your company just to the seats that we offer.

What should I do to get a limited liability company?

Send us an e-mail or call us. In the next step we will tell you what we need from you for establishing a company. Then we will fill up the form together. Ask us if you feel helpless. Meet up with us and sign the important documents.

When could I finally start a business?

Be patient. Incorporation takes about five days from our meeting at the notary's. In the meantime you can think about other services that we provide and that might be interesting to you.

How much will I need to pay for a ready-made company?

The price depends on whether you choose to use our accounting services. In that case you will pay for a ready-made company 17.900Kč. If not, price for a ready-made company is 20.900Kč.

With package comprehensive
Without package comprehensive
Setting up the tailor-made company (LLC)
(customer resources)
17 900,- 20 900,-
Setting up the tailor-made company (LLC)
(our resources - max. 200 000,-)
17 900,- 20 900,-
Setting up the tailor-made company (LLC)
(our resources - over 200 000,-)
17 900,- 20 900,-