Comprehensive accounting

Accounting doesn´t need to be a nightmare anymore.
Using our services gives you a complex overview of your business. Read more.


What can you get with our accounting services?

  • We will take care of functioning in your accounting department and set the accounting processes on the most effective way.
  • Quick online overview of your accounting, thanks to implementation of modern technology.
  • Saving of time with the option to collect your documents at your company.
  • We provide the entire services over the whole republic.
  • We want to reduce your administration to minimum.
  • We can provide you other services (payroll, advisory or legal services).
  • We are fully responsible for our job.

Do you not have time to follow
the current or upcoming legislation?

We know that following the current legislation is not enough. It´s also necessary to follow the legislative process, so you can be prepared for changes. With us you will get all the information in time.

Is your tax payment too high?
There is solution!

We always find some legal options how to save your money. Many businessmen think that it´s not possible to do anything with tax and if there is, it must be illegal. We can show you that there is a way how to do it according to law.

How much do I need to pay
for this service?

There are two options how to set the price. It is possible to arrange a monthly fee depending on the range of accounting or setting the price by the number of items in the accounting journal

Why is better to chose accounting outsourcing instead of an internal accountant?

  Accounting outsourcing Internal accountant
Responsibility Responsibility is defined by contractual terms and there is unlimited liability cover Liability cover only 4.5 times of the monthly salary
Payment/salary Amounts set contractually, we take care of health and social insurance and tax levies. Amount changeable depending on taking the leave. In case of termination by agreement after probationary period is paid severance (if that meets legal conditions)
Office costs None High
Data archiving costs None High
Energy costs None High
The cost of purchasing and servicing computer equipment None High
Training costs None High
Benefits costs None High